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Social media marketing for a winery

Every business success solidly depends on the marketing strategies in place. However, when it comes to marketing winery, especially on social media, you automatically attract special opposition and challenges. This is because the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Bureau federal known as the TTB ensures social media marketing on wineries is regulated. This in some way prevents you from having the freedom of putting in place whichever marketing plan you would consider best for your business. However, this does not mean you cannot succeed in social media marketing for a winery company. Here’s what viniecapricci.com have been doing very successfully for the past 3 years since opening the new venue.

Reward fans loyalty to the brand

Rather than focusing on growing the number of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms focus on strengthening the bond with loyal fans.  You can come up with a contest strategy that directly reaches out to the true fans. The usual social media strategy of a tag-a-friend contest would bring in the numbers but they would not be genuine. However, when you focus on loyal fans, it will be easy to provide them quality wine and still stay within the regulations of TTB.  You can easily reward your fans by giving shout-outs, following and liking their photos in return they will share your content naturally.

Another way of rewarding your fans is by ensuring that you consistently maintain the quality. You don’t want to lose your fans on the grounds that your quality of wine production was compromised. Follow the right mechanism and procedure to bring the same taste you had before. Also, listen to the concerns and suggestions offered by the loyal customers.

Educate and sell

People are used to the in room tasting as far as wine is concerned. This can be a very good way of developing and creating traffic to your brand. However, it does not bring results in terms of selling and brand expansion.

Rather than giving free drinks and having to face the challenge from TTB, you can use your social media platform as a way of educating your fans. Bring in ideas that pair wine and other foods. This way, it will be easy to connect with true followers and you will be able to help them in making decisions on how to drink their winery product.

Compare with others

The winery industry has lots of competitors; this is to say there will always be competition. It’s, therefore, important to ensure you are steps ahead of your competitors for you to become the leading brand.  When you compare your mechanisms with the rest, it will be easy to pin the right strategy measures to keep you competitive.

The competition will also help you find genuine fans and followers. Since the TTB rule prohibits you from giving alcohol, you can introduce gift hampers to your fans with your brand package. This will help you remain ahead of your competitors.

Despite the many challenges of marketing, when you follow the right tricks, social media marketing for a winery will earn results. Treat your winery business just like any other business and focus on establishing its grounds. Social media serves as a bridge to make your brand known to the public.

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