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Marketing tips: How to Start an Elevator Business in Perth

Like any other business, there are procedures to follow so as to ensure the success of your elevator business in Perth. Since elevators are critical for most commercial and residential buildings, the products are marketable and in demand. However, don’t engage the business blindly without following these steps;

Market research

The most crucial step is research of the elevator industry in Perth. The business is huge and there are many entry points. Identify the type of elevators in the market, the most popular, costs, regulations and other factors that will affect your business. Especially relevant is to identify your competitors. Companies like Grant Elevators have been in the industry for a while and one can get tips on how to operate.

During the market research, make the clients a priority by involving them in surveys and discussions. Get to identify their needs and preferences. In knowing this, you will quickly identify gaps that you can fill giving your new venture a competitive edge. From all this information, you will also get an idea of the challenges you are likely to face and how to mitigate them.

Create a business plan

A business plan helps to determine the goals, plans and direction of the elevator business. You will also be able to make concrete plans to grow your business. For example, planning to start the company focusing on installation while aiming to grow towards repair and fabrication.

A business plan also helps to keep the financial section in check. With the plan, you determine the needed capital, expenses, and ability to make financial projections. If you are looking for investment partners, the plan will articulate your goals clearly increase the chances of building partnerships.

Register a company

After the necessary planning has taken place, it is time to work. Register a company or corporation in accordance with the law. This gives you the opportunity to operate the business within Perth. Ensure that the necessary documentation is provided and the information is truthful.

Register a catchy and relatable business name. It will make presentation and discussions with clients and other stakeholders simple since they relate the name to the elevator business.

Ensure compliance with regulation

Registration is just a step of the process. You need to get further permits that relate to the elevator and construction industry. Another important thing under compliance is insurance which protects you and the clients.

Insurance protects you and your business from liability. A large liability insurance policy is the most appropriate. Finally, acquire an insurance plan to cover your employees is also vital.

elevators in perth

Hire qualified staff

The elevator business in Perth is involving and you can therefore not handle all the sections. It is crucial to hire qualified staff to handle the different areas. For example, manpower to handle the installation, transportation of the elevators. You also need a correspondence team to handle clients, managers to handle departments, accountants for finances and lawyers for legal advice.

It is important to note that you do not have to get all these employees at once. The number of workforce needed depends on the size of the business, capital and your specialization. Do not hire unless necessary to minimize the costs at the initial stages of business growth.

Purchase the equipment

The elevator industry is unique and requires specialized equipment to handle the work that goes into the installation, repair and maintenance. From the research, you have a list of necessary tools and equipment and information on where to source them. Involve the professionals hired in the process.


Create awareness of the existence of the company to the masses. Make use of networks, friends and family to grow your clientele.

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